Westmoreland County, PA (April 8, 2021) – On Thursday, April 8, 2021, the Westmoreland-Fayette Workforce Investment Board (WFWIB) and Private Industry Council of Westmoreland/Fayette, Inc. (PIC) officially kicked off the new Logistics & Transportation Industry Partnership. In the past, industry leaders within the Westmoreland-Fayette region have indicated a need for a more developed infrastructure. Additionally, there is a growing need for Commercial Driver licensed employees. Funded by the PAsmart Next Generation (NextGen) Industry Partnership Grant, this initiative intends to focus on those needs.

During the first convening of partners, PIC, acting as the convener and facilitator, welcomed industry leaders Elite Coach Transportation of Murrysville; McCutcheon Enterprises, Inc.; UNFI Transportation; Westmoreland Transit; Mid Mon Valley Transit Authority; and more. Additionally, PIC staff members Sean Sypolt, VP of Business Services, and Alec Italiano, Director of Workforce and Economic Development, communicated the value of bringing like-minded employers together to identify solutions to industry challenges.

After introductions, industry partners and PIC and WFWIB representatives were divided into breakout rooms to discuss industry challenges, next steps, and the value seen in this opportunity. Collectively, industry partners shared they are facing hiring issues and expect hiring to be a continuing challenge. However, there was consensus that the Logistics & Transportation Industry Partnership is a promising start for the future of the industry by providing opportunities for employers to address similar needs, identify potential options and solutions, and introduce themselves to others within the industry.

The goal of the convening activities includes expanding the regional Transportation Industry residing within Westmoreland-Fayette counties, ensuring that regular partnership activities are taking place, and discussing the needs for competitiveness. Additional priorities include the need for incumbent worker skill development and business access to capital to assist with business expansion and growth.

WFWIB and PIC are planning future partnership meetings. Industry leaders will lead conversations regarding their needs, potential next steps, how to create opportunities for fellow partners and job seekers, and how to move forward. The date of this next meeting is still to be determined.

Contact: Janet Ward, Executive Director | 724-755-2145


About the Westmoreland-Fayette Workforce Investment Board
The Westmoreland-Fayette Workforce Investment Board (WFWIB) is a non-profit entity consisting of appointees from the business, education, and labor sectors of Westmoreland-Fayette counties. The board is empowered to lead workforce development activities in Fayette and Westmoreland counties. The WFWIB is funded by the Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA), which provides funding to federal workforce programs and local Workforce Development Boards. The WFWIB oversees the three PA CareerLink® centers that are located in Westmoreland and Fayette county: PA CareerLink® Westmoreland County at Youngwood, PA CareerLink® Fayette County, and PA CareerLink® Alle-Kiski. For more information about the Westmoreland-Fayette Workforce Investment Board, please visit www.WestFayWIB.org.