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Upcoming Events

MAY 2015 Executive Committee Meeting

May 11, 2015

11 am, Westmoreland CareerLink Conference Room, WCCC, Youngwood

JUNE 2015 Board of Directors Meeting

June 8, 2015

1 pm Westmoreland CareerLink Conference Room, WCCC, Youngwood


WIB Board partners with school districts, Economic Development and WCCC to initiate school education partnerships.

The Westmoreland County Forum for Workforce Development held on November 13, 2014, brought together business leaders and school officials from 15 Westmoreland County school districts, three career and technical centers, and one institution of higher education.  The purpose of the Forum was to connect education, workforce quality and economic development to better prepare students for the future.  It was held at the Westmoreland County Community College's new Advanced Technology Center, and a second Forum is being planned for the spring.  The Forum is chaired by Dr. William Kerr, superintendent of the Norwin School District.

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Westmoreland-Fayette WIB Newsletter July/August 2014

Find out What's Happening at the Westmoreland-Fayette Workforce Investment Board!  Check out our July 2014 Newsletter

Westmoreland-Fayette WIB July 2014 Newsletter

Westmoreland-Fayette WIB is the receipient of the DOL YouthBuild Grant.

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2014 Westmoreland-Fayette WIB Achievement Awards

2014 West-Fay WIB Achievement Award Winners
The Westmoreland-Fayette Workforce Investment Board (West-Fay WIB) recently recognized 1 local employer and 2 individuals for their hard work and dedication to the workforce development system.  O.C. Cluss Lumber Co., of Uniontown, Pennsylvania has worked closely with the PA CareerLink® and the West-Fay WIB to grow their company.  O.C. Cluss has utilized On-the-Job Training funds to improve the skills of new employees they are hiring to expand their business.  In 2013, O.C. Cluss hired and trained over 40 new employees at its’ Uniontown facility.  The company continues to work with PA CareerLink® Business Services Team Representatives, sharing new opportunities, projected hiring trends, and coordinating effort to train and hire local candidates, improving not only the local economy, but also the skills of our regional workforce.  The West-Fay WIB recognizes 2014 Governor’s Job Creation Award Nominee O.C. Cluss for their continued support of the workforce development system and congratulates them on their success.

She’Cholle Winman, a 22 year old single-mother of two, participated in a West-Fay WIB funded training program to become a Certified Nurse’s Assistant.  She received assistance in developing an employment plan, assessing her skills and interests, and continuing her education and training through individualized career planning sessions and financial assistance to develop and improve her education and skills, increasing her employability, and achieving her personal and professional goals.  She’Cholle determined a career path that fit her skills and interests, attended a CNA training program, and is now employed locally as a CNA.  She’Cholle has already completed the required pre-requisites for continuing her training to become a Registered Nurse.  The West-Fay WIB recognizes 2014 Governor’s Achievement Award Nominee She’Cholle Winman on her success and hardwork.

Leon Johnston lost his job at a local manufacturing company when the company close its’ doors in 2012 and moved its’ operation overseas.  Leon had no high school diploma, no driver’s license or vehicle, and no formal education or training.  Leon was however, eligible for Workforce Investment Board training funds through the Trade Act of 2009 which assists displaced individuals, to develop new skills in high priority industries and positions.  Leon worked with staff at the PA CareerLink® to develop an individual employment plan, identifying his skills, interests, and goals, and exploring options available to him to gain marketable skills.  Leon attended classes and attained his GED, continuing on to attend All State Career School’s welding program.  Leon spent 11 months traveling 28 miles to school on two different buses, leaving at 4:50am, then walking an additional 20 minutes just to attend his classes in Pittsburgh.  Leon passed all his classes, received his welding certificate in August 2013, passed his driving exam, and purchased a vehicle.  Leon was hired at a local company, which is now assisting him with additional training to increase his salary from $14/hour to $21/hour upon completion of another welding certification.  Leon’s hard work, along with the assistance of the PA CareerLink® Alle-Kiski staff and West-Fay WIB programming, have propelled him into a new chapter in his employment story.  Leon is an excellent example of the positive impact of our workforce system.  The West-Fay WIB proudly recognizes Leon for his accomplishments and congratulates him on being a 2014 Governor’s Achievement Award Winner.  In May 2014, Leon was recognized at the PA Workforce Development Associations annual conference for his dedication and success.

The Westmoreland-Fayette Workforce Investment Board proudly recognizes She’Cholle, Leon, and O.C. Cluss Lumber Company for their accomplishments and continued success.  It’s through individuals and employers like these that we can clearly see the positive impact of the West-Fay WIB’s workforce development efforts.  If you want to learn more about the workforce investment board programs and services, please contact your local PA CareerLink®.


The mission of the Westmoreland-Fayette Workforce Investment Board (WIB) is “A job for every worker, a worker for every job”.
A major initiative of the WIB is to enhance the ability of Pennsylvania Career and Technical Centers (CTCs) to identify, attract and prepare a workforce that will meet Pennsylvania’s growing demand for skilled labor.
Currently, the structure of CTC’s cannot support the need for skilled workers of an industrial, energy intensive economy.  Demographic trends indicate over 50% of the current workforce across all industries will be eligible to retire in less than 15 years.  Local companies in a wide variety of industries have raised awareness of a growing shortage of skilled workers.  This means:
·         Local companies can not perform at their full capability
·         Difficulty in attracting and retaining employers
·         Less ability to maintain the current infrastructure
The WIB has established a committee of educators and industry representatives to move the CTC initiative forward.  Two main areas have been identified and are the focus of what is believed to be necessary – 1) the funding stream for CTC is inadequate 2) the administrative structure/board of the CTC’s needs to be redefined. This is not something that will happen overnight, but rather will be a process that the WIB undertakes in a systematic way so that a satisfactory conclusion is reached which results in a better prepared workforce.
The Career and Technical Center Initiative Committee is chaired by Jeff Kelly, Phil Savini and Bill Yant.

Local WIA Plan PY 2012-2016

The Westmoreland Fayette Workforce Investment Board PY 2012-2016 WIA Plan has been approved by PA Department of Labor and Industry.  For a complete copy of the WIA PY 2012-2016 Plan, see "Other Resources" Tab.